About Us

Welcome to Caring Choices where our goal is to “improve the health and welfare of residents in Northern California by providing services that are currently non-existent or limited in availability and accessibility, improving community services through volunteerism.”

Is a charitable non-profitbased out of Chico, California

that sponsors a variety of projects and programs to improve our community.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Recreation & Dreams (RAD) For Kids With Serious Illness 
  • HIV/AIDS Assistance Programs
  • Disaster Response Center                                                                                               Caring Choices partners with local businesses and other nonprofits. We have been helping the local Chico community since 1993.

Our connection with other local organizations allows us to grow as not only a nonprofit,
but as a community as well.

Caring Choices accepts donations of products, services & volunteer time either by contacting our office or through our website at www.caring-choices.org

It is our sole intention to keep you entertained and up-to-date

The evolution of social media in recent years has had a huge impact on nonprofit organizations

  • No longer limited to newspaper and radio ads
  • We have a real chance to talk and discuss issues that matter

Like families suffering from HIV/AIDS or those affected by Childhood Cancer

For Caring Choices, volunteerism and participation is highly respected and greatly encouraged.

We encourage you to become involved with us in any way.
Comments to articles or posts are greatly appreciated.

You can also contact Caring Choices directly at www.caring-choices.org


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